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Objectives & Values


The overall objective of is to ensure continuous improvement in the company net profit is met by,

·   the execution technical assistance in a way that satisfies the client expectations on result and price and punctual delivery

·   the maintenance of competitive offers in particular on fee rates

·   the improvement of information on the company and services by more frequent participation in public debates and improvement of content and access to the company web side and more direct marketing in the clientele area

·   the maintenance of continued development of expertise in the company business area

·   the maintenance of good co-operation in a more extensive network of consultant businesses    


The fulfilment of the company objectives is supported by attitudes to the execution of tasks and clients and network partners based on the values outlined below.

·        Honesty believes that in the end the client is worse of receiving reports presenting only pleasant parts of the analysis. On the other hand the right of the client to have the disposal of the report is respected, including the decision later on to utilise or not each parts of the report.        

·        Openness believes that any recommendation must clearly be based on explicit arguments presented in a way that support the client management and staff to comprehend and  to adoption an attitude to the recommendation.

·        Confidence believes that the collection and processing of data must be carried out in respect of the integrity of each member of the management and staff involved and, to be presented in the report without direct personal references. In cases when presentation is impossible without indirect personal references such situation must be discussed on beforehand with the clinet management. Besides, respects any matter of confidence requested by the client in relation to external parties. On the other hand no restriction is expected by on access to client data required for the analysis.           

·        Validity believes that any analysis should be carried out by the use of theoretical models and, so far practicable to be based on empirical data. Since, any institution is unique however no standardised model should be used until assessment of its relevance and if necessary adjustment to the actual case has been undertaken. If the consultant personal perceptions are part of the data they should explicit be included as such.    

·        Dialogue and Co-operation believes that dialog with the client is necessary in order to ensure common comprehension and accept of problems and methods and results. Besides, close co-operation with key staff members on operational level is required. Consequently, it is expected that the client management takes necessary action to make these persons available for the co-operation.    

·        Ethic

Besides, provides technical assistance in respect of the Codex of Business Ethics recommended by the Society of Management Consultants.


















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